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God Conspiracy debuts #1

The audio book edition of The God Conspiracy debuts at #1 at’s Today’s Top Subscriptions chart!

(Reality check: since The God Conspiracy was today’s only new release, it did give the book an advantage. But still, it’s a kick.)

If you have more time to listen to mp3s than to read, check it out. operates on a donationware basis: if you like the story you can name your price, but you’re under no obligation to pay a dime.

Fellow authors have asked why I’d essentially give away the book for free while it’s still being offered for sale. Being a capitalist by nature, I recognize this as a good question.

It comes down to two things. First, like all authors, the thing I want most is for people to actually read the book.

As a reader, when I pick up a new book, it’s to immerse myself in an engaging, entertaining story. However, with authors that are new to me, I have no idea whether the suggested retail price will deliver that payoff. (And at today’s prices, they’d better!) By offering the story for free, I hope to eliminate that risk and encourage people who’ve never heard of Derek P. Gilbert (which is most of the planet) to spend a little time with my book.

Second, we face the biggest challenge confronting small, independent publishers: no marketing budget. By offering The God Conspiracy as a series of free, downloadable mp3 files, I hope to develop a small army of loyal followers who simply can’t wait for the next slice of literary brilliance to flow from my word processor (or, failing that, my next novel).

In short, the principle is very similar to that of the pusher who offers enough free samples to get you hooked on his product — except that this is legal. And much healthier.

So if you haven’t decided to plunk down hard-earned money for the trade paperback, PDF, or Kindle editions of The God Conspiracy, give the audio version a try. It costs you nothing but time. And you have my sincere thanks.

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