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Apple cuts prices

When my five-year-old PowerBook really started showing its age last year, I would have dearly loved to have replaced it with another Mac product. But the extra $1,000 it would have cost to get a screen big enough for my bifocal-ready eyes has paid for lots of groceries.

Simply put, I don’t do enough graphic, video, or audio work to justify paying more than about $700 for a laptop. So, even though OS X kicks Vista’s butt, I write on a Vista laptop and produce our podcast on our desktop iMac.

Similarly, we’ve stuck with Sprint instead of switching to AT&T mainly because we just couldn’t rationalize spending $300 on a cell phone. But now that Palm has introduced the first serious competitor to the iPhone, Apple is dropping the price low enough to make it tempting to think about bailing on our contract.

That’s been our only complaint with Apple of late. We much prefer OS X (and there are Mac apps I just can’t replace, like MacJournal and OmniOutliner), but for most of what I do, Windows is good enough.

Get the price of a new 15″ notebook within a couple hundred bucks and we’ll be back in business. Sharon’s PowerBook is getting pretty long in the tooth, too.

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