Clarification on the Blessing of the Sun

On our last P.I.D. Radio show, Sharon and I discussed a short piece she’d written about the Birchat Hachama, a Jewish celebration that occurs once every 28 years to mark the return of the sun to its original position during Creation. This year, it occurred on Passover — for only the third time in history.

The previous two times, according to Jewish tradition, were the year before the Exodus and the first day of Esther’s fast before the miracle of Purim (the Persian decree to kill all Jews was annulled later that year).

But when believers who devote themselves to the study of prophecy misunderstand us, we obviously didn’t make our point clear.

We did not and would never attribute prophetic authority to anything but scripture. We simply mentioned this historic event as another data point to consider while analyzing the big picture.

Now, there is a spirit at work in assigning importance to any specific sign or date. It’s entirely possible that the enemy, which knows scripture better than any of us, has attached significance to this year’s Blessing of the Sun (just as it has with the year 2012) to distract us from the core issue of sin and salvation.

That doesn’t mean we should ignore the event. At the very least, we should be aware that the enemy may use it to deceive others who are looking for a false Messiah. That point wasn’t made clear during the show, and for that I apologize.

But please don’t interpret that error as somehow endorsing the event or basing our doctrine on it. From the whole of the work we’ve produced at P.I.D. Radio and our websites, our position should be clear. Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

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