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Shadow people

Our friend, author Jason Offutt, has a new book out that looks fascinating. At least one big name in the UFOlogist community, Nick Redfern, agrees:

Citing reports that date back to the 1800s, Jason relates a copious amount of witness testimony concerning Shadow People encounters – much of which is pretty unsettling. Ominous presences in the bedroom, terrifying sleep-paralysis-type experiences, hooded entities provoking fear, havoc and mayhem, and even descents into madness following encounters with the Shadow People proliferate within the pages of the book.

Fortunately, Jason is not afraid to address all of the theories that may explain the presence of the Shadow People — which range from chemical-imbalances in the brain to demons, and from ET to Islamic Jinns.

We hope to have Jason on P.I.D. Radio to discuss Darkness Walks within the next month or so. You can listen to our earlier interview about his last book, Haunted Missouri, by clicking here. Jason’s weekly column on the paranormal is published here.

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