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Gay marriage activists hurting their own cause

While not familiar with the debate in New Hampshire, it appears at a glance that proponents of homosexual marriage in New Hampshire are just as closed-minded as their opponents are supposed to be:

A bill that would have made New Hampshire the sixth state in the United States to authorize gay marriage stalled unexpectedly Wednesday over concessions to religious groups opposed to such unions.

The state’s House of Representatives objected to language in the bill that would have allowed religious groups to decline to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies or to offer gay couples other services.

So the advocates of gay marriage in New Hampshire not only want the state to legalize their status, they want the legislature to make it illegal for any pastor, rabbi, imam, or priest to abide by their holy scriptures on the matter of homosexuality.

Why anyone would want to force a pastor to marry you against his or her will is beyond me. The real goal of homosexual marriage activists, at least in New Hampshire, is obviously not equal status under the law, but special status under the law.

If they keep pushing this hard, there will be a backlash; the demographic group most likely to support their cause — middle-class whites — is slowly shrinking in proportion to ethnic groups with views of homosexuality that are closer to those of fundamentalist Jews and Christians.

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