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A new coat of Brasso for my tin-foil hat

Winston Crutchfield of Critical Press Media offers his impressions of The God Conspiracy:

Move over Joel Rosenberg, there’s a new quill in the inkwell.

Gilbert’s knack for bouncing the radar off otherwise overlooked or intentionally concealed agendas really shines through as he cants the landscape we know to a new and terrifying angle that remains far too familiar for comfort…

Gilbert serves us a threat that hits close to home and a cast that echoes the people we know in a situation beyond their scope of understanding and utterly out of their control… I bookmarked several pages for further research, deleted all the cookies from my internet history, checked my rearview for tails, and put a fresh coat of Brasso ™ on my tin-foil hat.

I am humbled! Read the entire review at Critical Press Media.

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