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First review for The God Conspiracy

Our friend Tom Horn, publisher of Raiders News Network and co-author (with his wife, Nita) of the excellent sci-fi The Ahriman Gate, kindly agreed to read and review my new novel. Here’s a snip:

Let me say first that The God Conspiracy has all of the elements of a well-written novel—persuasive theme, three-dimensional characters, dynamic plot, and stable prose, which offers ample engaging dialogue.

But I am a newsman and usually don’t have time to read fiction. When I do pick up a novel, I am most captured when relevant real-world scenarios are incorporated into the plot. The God Conspiracy is captivating in this sense. …

Given the real-world Department of Homeland Security report that recently named returning US War Veterans as potential domestic terrorists (as well as people concerned with illegal immigration, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion and the loss of U.S. sovereignty), you can see why The God Conspiracy could easily be tomorrow’s front-page world news headlines. Add to that the Midwest locations in the book such as Missouri–which not long ago defined supporters of Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin (who writes for us here at RNN) as potential “right-wing extremists”–and Gilbert’s new book puts the reader in the thick of a storm that could be an imminent reality.

I’m humbled, and greatly heartened that Tom sees in the plot of The God Conspiracy the very things we’ve discussed so often on P.I.D. Radio.

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