Obama’s Kerry-at-Wendy’s moment

Late to the party on this one: in case you missed it, last week President Obama and Vice President Biden decided to demonstrate their regular-guyness — with the cooperation of MSNBC, which just happened to have a reporter and a film crew on hand for a live shot — by taking lunch at Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington, Virginia.

Like Teresa Heinz-Kerry stumped by a picture of chili on the menu at Wendy’s, President Obama put the lie to his “man of the people” image by ordering a regular cheeseburger — and then asking for dijon mustard.

Most of us in the heartland understand why that’s amusing. Topping something called a Hell Burger with Grey Poupon is pretty much what we expect from Ivy League educated Democrats.

MSNBC understood how that would play in Peoria. The audio of President Obama’s order was edited to obscure his mustard request.

The liberal blogocracy, however, doesn’t get the joke.

Progressive bloggers, furious that anyone would dare question a condiment selected to top the hamburger-in-chief, are lashing out with uncommon vigor — one going so far as to defend the $7 price tag of a Hell Burger.

Lighten up. Your furious defense gives the story legs. And regular folk out here in Flyoverland aren’t as naive as you seem to think. Just face it: the president is a pampered elitist. He just hid it better than John Kerry because he looks way cooler in shades.

Besides, how “regular guy” can a burger joint be that offers foie gras as a condiment?

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