Happy Tax Day–give joyously, says the liberal

It’s no surprise that this op-ed piece comes from a college prof in California:

The Web is buzzing with information about how to throw an anti-Obama Taxpayer Tea Party, something organizers hope will be held today from Santa Monica to South Carolina. But no need to burn up your bandwidth reading complicated instructions. Here’s a simpler recipe:

Go to a hobby store. Buy a scale model of a U.N. One-World-Government Black Helicopter and a tube of glue. Toss the model kit. Sniff the entire tube of glue. You’re all set for the party.

Very funny. Marc Cooper is the head of digital news at USC, and he obviously would benefit from a couple of years off campus.

Says Mr. Cooper:

The original Boston Tea Party was caffeinated by a very simple injustice: American Colonists refused to be taxed by a government that lacked any popular representation. That was remedied a few years later in a heroic struggle that stretched from Concord to Yorktown.

So, if you’ll excuse the mixed metaphor, what’s the beef behind today’s protests? The Obama administration is cutting taxes for all except the very richest of Americans. Reduced withholding is already showing up in millions of paychecks.

Then again, this rash of tea parties is being organized not only by the pseudo-journalists at Fox News (with Glenn Beck, Neil Cavuto and Sean Hannity actively stoking the flames) but also by FreedomWorks, a conservative lobbying outfit headed by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey. I suppose it was Armey’s constitutional if morally dubious privilege to have built an entire political career out of defending the wealthy.

Cooper totally misses the point. It’s not about defending the wealthy; it’s not even about Republicans vs. Democrats.

The public outrage stems from the Obama’s decision to follow George W. Bush’s lead in giving trillions of our tax dollars TO the wealthy. And contrary to the patronizing attitude about us out here in Flyoverland that Cooper obviously shares with our elected officials, we know in our bones that the bailout money and the stimulus bill won’t add Job One to the economy.

Yes, the faux conservatives at Fox have jumped out in front of this parade, but the protest stems from a very basic emotion: anger at trillions for the rich, generations of debt, and a government that in real terms does NOT represent us.

If Marc Cooper lived anywhere but the cloistered environment of a liberal college campus (but I repeat myself), he’d understand that. He might even throw a tea bag.

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