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Fast Lane to Babel

PRESIDENT OBAMA called the G-20 summit a “turning point” in the recovery of the global economy. It was indeed a turning point, but perhaps not one he’s aware of–or at least not one he’d admit to publicly.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was closer to the truth when he said “a new world order is emerging”. New in form, perhaps, but in function it’s very, very old.

Brown is possibly unaware of the significance attached to that phrase by conspiracy theorists, although that seems unlikely. This isn’t the first time he’s used it (link opens a YouTube video), and heads of state are carefully managed, their words carefully chosen.

So what exactly was accomplished at the G-20? The annual meeting, usually greeted with yawns by anyone not there to protest, was given wall to wall coverage by the media. That was to be expected given the global economic meltdown of the last six months and the rock star status accorded President Barack Obama by the rest of the world.

Still, the attention given to a gathering that usually amounts to a series of photo opps was significant, and the agreements reached warranted the coverage. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, financial columnist for The Telegraph, calls it a “revolution in the global financial order.”

This week, world leaders created a de facto global currency by activating a dormant power for the International Monetary Fund to create money, the obliquely-named Special Drawing Rights. The XDR (for some reason, that’s the official ISO acronym for Special Drawing Right) is a fiat (synthetic paper) currency outside the control of any sovereign nation, a detail that, Evans-Pritchard notes, “conspiracy theorists will love”.

Evans-Pritchard knows from conspiracy theories. A former Washington correspondent for The Telegraph, his book, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, connected the former president to to everything from 1997’s Oklahoma City bombing to Arkansas’ drug underworld to the mysterious death of White House aide and longtime Clinton friend Vince Foster.

So the IMF now has the equivalent of $250 billion to use as it pleases to “increase global liquidity” without reliance on U.N. member states for funds. All other talk of agreements and new measures from the summit is spin. Details in the official G-20 communique were vague and the announced $1.1 trillion stimulus consists primarily of measures already underway (and counts money already spent) by member nations.

Evans-Pritchard sees nothing inherently sinister in XDRs. As a Christian, however, it’s impossible to ignore the prophetic implications (see Revelation 13). Despite the lack of detail, the communique includes key words and phrases that signal the globalists’ intent to exercise more control over our lives: “prosperity is indivisible” (a offhand reference to the Pledge of Allegiance?); the recovery must be “inclusive, green, and sustainable”; and the financial services industry must be subject to “a stronger, more globally consistent, supervisory and regulatory framework”.

Time will tell whether bankers actually submit to international oversight of their compensation schemes and tax havens. Somehow, I suspect that they’ll find a way to influence overseers in their favor, just as those who helped create this financial quagmire are now the Obama administration’s architects for the fix. Hence the Geithner bailout plan, which essentially amounts to fleecing taxpayers for the benefit of Wall Street.

It’s no surprise that many of the communique’s bullet points relate to restoring “domestic lending” and “the normal flow of credit”. The assumption is that banks are the heart and credit the lifeblood of global prosperity, rather than industry and thrift. That’s certainly what the leaders of the world’s largest economies want us to believe; if taxpayers questioned that premise, giving trillions of dollars to bankers to lend back to us at interest might provoke something more vigorous than a tea party.

All that aside, the bottom line of the summit is this: under the cover of economic crisis, globalists finally have the beginnings of a funding mechanism and a currency for a global government. Watch for the U.N. to intensify its push for taxing power.

About seven millennia ago, the Sumerian king Enmerkar, identified by Egyptologist David Rohl as the biblical Nimrod, issued a call to neighboring kingdoms for gold, stone and jewels with which to rebuild the ancient temple of Enki at Eridu. Rohl believes the temple, the oldest levels of which are below the flood layer, was the actual Tower of Babel.

Not coincidentally, Enki was the Sumerian “lord of the Earth”, a title applied by Jesus (“prince of this world”, John 14:30) and Paul (“god of this world”, 2 Cor 4:4) to Satan. Enki’s temple was the E-abzu — the abyss.

Judging from the Sumerian account, Enmerkar/Nimrod appeared to believe that reconstruction of the pre-Flood E-abzu would have cemented his status as ruler of the first empire to rise after the Flood. In a sense, Enmerkar/Nimrod was the first globalist, a man whose legacy is that of a man devoted to uniting the known world under a single government.

Even those not inclined to believe in conspiracies can see the irony in the symbol on the back of the dollar bill, the all-seeing eye over a truncated pyramid. It’s a stylized reminder of the ziggurat left unfinished at Babel. While it’s a small step, today’s globalists have set us down a road that leads back to a world government, one built on the foundation of the tower of babilu, the “god gate”, from which we were scattered by God Himself 5,000 years ago.

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