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Edison Hour

We had our lights off during Earth Hour tonight, but not by choice. A lightning strike nearby knocked out power for part of our neighborhood a little before 8:30 and it wasn’t restored until about 10 past 9.

So when the power came back with just 20 minutes left in Earth Hour, we made sure all our lights were on. Even the security lights on the garage–although they’re all CFL floodlights, so they don’t add much to our footprint.

During the outage, to make up for the lights we couldn’t burn, we started a fire in the fireplace and lit about 15 candles. Hey–it was dark. I see nothing noble or Earth-saving about stumbling around half-blind and tripping over our black-and-tan dachshund.

Now, have the organizers of this silly symbolic gesture considered that carbon is emitted when power is generated, not when it’s consumed? Do you think that a single power plant anywhere shut down or even slowed down for an hour?

UPDATE: Looks like our candle-burning at the very least canceled out the carbon savings of having our lights off for 45 minutes.

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