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GOP apologists cry foul — right on cue

More proof that the Republicrats are all in this together: Republican cheerleaders like the Powerline bloggers who supported the unconstitutional Bush bailout last fall now claim that taxing taxpayer-funded executive bonuses goes too far.

I’m stupefied to find that some people are defending the constitutionality of Nancy Pelosi’s discriminatory, confiscatory and retroactive tax on people who receive bonus income from companies that got TARP money. I would have considered it a bright line rule that the government can’t identify a class of unpopular people and impose a special tax on them.

Why the hell not? What do you think the original bailout was?

It identified a class of people and imposed a special tax on the rest of us specifically for their benefit. If that was constitutional, then there are no grounds to complain about a tax on the bonuses.

True conservatives consider the whole thing an unconstitutional nightmare, but GOP opinion-shapers like Powerline portrayed the party’s only presidential candidate who held such a view, Ron Paul, as a loon.

This whole dog and pony show is supposed to keep us riled up at “the other side”, ignorant of the fact that at the national level there is no other side.

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