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Beware the Ron Paul/Chuck Baldwin supporters!

Fringe radio host Alex Jones has apparently had a field day with this piece of analysis produced by the Missouri Information Analysis Center. The Internet is abuzz with breathless articles citing Jones’ website as a source of proof that the government thinks that anyone who supports a third party candidate for president is a terrorist.

Well…not quite.

Bear a few things in mind. First and foremost, Jones is a master of self-promotion and not above using whatever he can get his hands on if it serves his ends. Just as Rush Limbaugh relishes the ratings boost he’s getting from the Obama presidency, Jones is stirring up his core audience, fanning the flames of fear with this MIAC Strategic Report titled “The Modern Militia Movement”.

That said, the information in the analysis reveals a mindset among certain anti-terror analysts that people who question government authority fit a profile that may indicate a link to violent militia groups.

Closer to home, it’s really interesting to read this document, which — despite being accurately described by a friend as “a case of Google info-orgy using copy/paste research via MS Word” — makes me wonder whether Sharon and I are on MIAC’s (and thus Homeland Security’s) watch list.

MIAC is based in Jefferson City, a short hop down the highway from Columbia, where I used to host the afternoon show on KSSZ-FM (The Eagle 93.9). A gentleman who worked at MIAC called me off the air one day to ask where I got the information I used to prepare the “Daily Intelligence Briefing” that started each show. (Mainstream news sources, mostly.)

A list of frequent topics of the DIB and my show reads like the common characteristics of those who fit the “modern militia” profile, according to the MIAC analysis: economic collapse of the U.S., gun rights, erosion of constitutional protection from the government, the North American Union, RFID tagging, illegal immigration, abortion (and state-funded embryonic stem cell research), and support for an alternative to the two-headed Republicrat ruling party.

This really isn’t a surprise. It’s not much different than the FBI’s 1999 “Project Megiddo” report, which warned that extremist Christians might touch off Armageddon to welcome the new millennium. That report displayed as much understanding of Christian eschatology as MIAC’s analysis does of the militia movement (although it made good fodder for my forthcoming novel, The God Conspiracy).

For the record: I carry no water for anyone who believes that the answer to our problems is to commit acts of terror. However, it seems clear that the United States are following the pattern of human governments since the dawn of time, consolidating authority at the expense of individual freedom.

So the federal government, which, through Homeland Security, financed the creation of MIAC, thinks that people who truly believe in liberty are a threat. Surprise, surprise. When has it ever been different?

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