New Look for Website


Hey All! You may have noticed that this site is morphing into a ‘new look’ — be patient! It’s not done yet! Some links may not work — some images may not load perfectly yet, or may look grainy or pixelated. We’re slowly trying new things, so some images or content may be ‘placeholders’ for now.

We’re trying to include links to Derek’s upcoming novels (Trees of Glass – due in 2010, if all goes well!) and The God Conspiracy (nearly ready for publication – Sharon’s doing the final edit now) along with some other passions near and dear to Derek’s heart: Sports and Politics.

If you’re new to this site, you’ll want to explore the categories option and the archives. If you’ve been here before, stay tuned! Objects may appear closer than they actually are!

Thanks for your patience!
–Derek and Sharon

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