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Occult symbolism of the recovery bill

Stick with me on this: President Obama’s signing of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act is absolutely dripping with occult symbolism.

Yeah, it sounds bizarre, but read on. We’re not the only ones who noticed.

I was at work today, but Sharon took notes during the ceremony this afternoon. She wasn’t alone. Chris Knowles at Secret Sun basically live-blogged it, and Loren Coleman at Copycat Effect noted the sun-worship aspect of signing the bill at Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science, which sports a solar collector on its roof.

First, the date: 17 is a number associated with Osiris, the ancient Egyptian god of the dead. The number and references to Osiris seem to be everywhere lately.

Now, a few other points to consider above and beyond those at Secret Sun and Copycat Effect:

  • The bill’s acronym, ARRA, is the word used in The Necronomicon for “the original pentagram, and the sign of the Aryan Race”. (Besides being a reverse palindrome of the name of the Eygptian sun god, Ra.)
  • Today is a rare exact conjunction of Jupiter and Mars in Aquarius, the first since 1973. The next one won’t be for another 24 years. (Astrologers have already declared that we’ve now officially entered the Age of Aquarius.)
  • At exactly 3:17 Eastern, President Obama, new protagonist of the Camelot mythos, made reference to John F. Kennedy. March 17th — 3/17 — is the traditional date of Osiris’ death. JFK is an analog of Osiris, the “dying god”.
  • President Obama was surrounded by eight flags as he signed the bill. But instead of placing the signing desk in the middle of the flags, which might symbolize 4 – 4, as in “President Obama is the 44th president of the United States”, viewers saw three flags to Obama’s right and five to his left. The 35th president of the U.S. was John F. Kennedy.
  • Now, we have no way of knowing whether this happened nationally or only on our local cable system, but shortly after citing Kennedy, the picture froze and the screen tinted green for a moment. Osiris was always represented in Egyptian artwork with green skin.

Coincidence? Maybe. And so is the next stop on President Obama’s magical mystery tour, Phoenix. On the 33rd parallel.

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