More stuff missing from Los Alamos

At least this time it isn’t plutonium:

The Los Alamos nuclear weapons laboratory in New Mexico is missing 69 computers, including at least a dozen that were stolen last year, a lab spokesman said. No classified information has been lost, spokesman Kevin Roark said.

Now, Roark could only know that if he knew exactly what was on those computers, which he doesn’t.

But setting that aside for the moment: consider how much of the stimulus bill could be used to replace missing computers if every government laboratory, military base, or office lost $70,000 worth of computers a year.

Some quick math, based on the number of missing computers per employee at Los Alamos multiplied by the total number of federal government employees (and assuming that nuclear scientists are no more likely to grab a free computer than anyone else), yields a ballpark estimate of about 80,600 PCs missing from government offices, a replacement cost of roughly $80 million.

Drop in the bucket compared to the $790 billion we’re about to throw down the rat hole. But probably cheaper than replacing the 660 pounds of missing plutonium.

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