Local connection to Doritos snow globes

Not that I lack local pride, but it’s with mixed emotions that I mention that one of the actors in the Doritos “snow globe” ad featured during the Super Bowl is one Don Becker of Our Fair City.

Don did a fine job, even though his role was mainly to catch a snow globe in the groin.

On the whole, the ads during this year’s Super Bowl continued a disturbing trend by being even more tasteless and mean-spirited than they were last year.

Television advertising increasingly relies on senseless violence and nasty attempts at humor that are really uncomfortable to watch. Note to advertisers: if your ad displays people suffering physical or emotional abuse, I’m not likely to take away a good feeling about your product.

There’s no way around it: hitting a guy in the nuts is pretty tasteless and mean-spirited. But what do I know? I’m not in Doritos’ target demographic. Maybe I would have thought the ad was funny 30 years ago. But I hope not.

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