An economic indicator you won’t find in the Wall Street Journal

The depression — and yes, it is a depression — is taking its toll on the animal kingdom:

Fifty-four dogs were taken to the [Shelbyville-Shelby County Animal] shelter in January by their owners, compared to only nine in January 2008 and 36 in December 2008. Last month’s figure does not include an additional 10 owner-relinquished cats.
[M]any of the owners have lost their homes and are moving into housing where pets are not allowed or moving in with relatives who can’t accommodate pets.

We took in an adult male dachshund (Sam, the world’s smallest rottweiler — he thinks) last summer from a young couple who lost their home in last spring’s floods. Before we did, we made regular trips to the shelter.

There is no way 54 dogs and 10 cats fit inside that building. This is a sad, sad story.

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