Congratulations to the Steelers

You can’t complain about the game. Super Bowl XLIII was one of the most exciting ever, and the Pittsburgh Steelers deserve the accolades due the most successful franchise in the NFL, at least in the Super Bowl era.

It’s got to hurt being Kurt Warner right now. The way this game played out in the final minutes was an echo of the Rams/Patriots Super Bowl a few years back: Warner brings his team down the field and throws a go-ahead touchdown pass late in the 4th quarter — only to see the opposing team come right back for the winning score.

Argh. Well, it’s small consolation, but Warner now holds the record for the top three passing games in Super Bowl history. He’s also the #3-rated passer in NFL history behind only Steve Young and Peyton Manning (and ahead of guys like Joe Montana and Dan Marino). Win or lose, his legacy is OK.

It would have been nice to see Kurt win a second Super Bowl ring, but I’ve followed him long enough to know that he’ll get over it because this isn’t where his ultimate priorities are.

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