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The new media looks just like the old media

Pajamas Media, a truly unfortunate name for a company that wants to be taken seriously, is dumping bloggers in favor of its new Pajamas TV lineup.

This is no surprise to some:

I’m not a part of Pajamas Media because Roger L. Simon (and his poodle, Charles J.) [of the Little Green Footballs blog — DG] decided it to be worth their while to cut myself and another Central Ohio businessman out of the company and dole out our percentages to folks they deemed more likely to aid in the noble cause of lining their own pockets.

As Roger told me after I called him on it, “That’s business.”

No, it isn’t. If the story Dennis the Peasant tells is true, Pajamas Media has been built on cheating, lies, and manipulation, not business.

Now, I have no problem with Roger Simon and Charles Johnson developing a business model that actually makes money on the Internet, but the way they’re going about it is uncomfortably familiar. The new media, at least as it’s represented by PM, is recreating my least pleasant experiences in the old media: hiring talent on the cheap to get a new venture off the ground and then kicking them to the curb.

Pajamas Media has basically just told its network of bloggers, “So long and thanks for all the content.” But, unlike Dennis, at least the bloggers got something out of Simon for a while.

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