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The Obama administration obviously took a page from the Bush playbook. Just as the PATRIOT Act was rushed through Congress after 9/11 before most of our representatives had time to read it, The American Recovery Act has been pushed through with a minimum of discussion because, we are told, to delay even a single day risks the COLLAPSE OF AMERICAN SOCIETY!

It’s a 258-page bill stuffed with more filler than cheap sausage.

My lovely and razor-sharp wife, Sharon, picked out these little gems from the online text of the bill:

• $350M to create a broadband inventory map.
• $400M to NOAA for ‘habitat restoration’ (NOAA? A bunch of weather forecasters and climatologists?)
• $600M to NOAA for ‘climate modeling’ (no doubt, this makes the bill ‘green’)
• $400M to NASA for ‘Science’ (no kidding, it says ‘Science’ in quotes — how vague is that? — Mind you, $250M of it has to be used for ‘earth science’ — again with the ‘green’)
• $150M to NASA for ‘Aeronautics’ (yep, that’s what it says — mind you, I am all for funding NASA, but shouldn’t this be in the Budget Bill?)
• $2.5B (yep, Billion) to the National Science Foundation for ‘Research and Related Activities’ (you gotta love the vague nature of these allotments).
• $4.5B (again, Billion) for the DoD to restore and modernize Army barracks. Shouldn’t this be in the Defense portion of a Budget Bill? Remember, this funding isn’t growing on trees–or is it? Maybe we can have the NSI research money trees).
•$350M to the DoD for ‘Energy Research and Development’
• $18.5B to the DOE (Dept. of Energy) for ‘Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’ R&D. (Now maybe this is to help wean America off foreign oil — but it reads more like ‘green goodies’ for everybody. Shouldn’t this be in a separate bill? Why is the House sneaking in all kinds of ‘green projects’ into an economic recovery bill? If it creates jobs, great. But most of this funding sunsets by 2010 or 2011. What ‘pet projects’ is this intended to fund? I smell ham….)
• $600M to buy ‘energy efficient’ vehicles for the government fleet. (I can just picture Pelosi and Reid scooting around town in electric cars.)

There’s more, and they’re picking our pockets for this. We need to start collecting torches and pitchforks for a march on Washington.

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