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New P.I.D. Radio: The Rising

In the wake of the inaugural festivities, and especially the metaphysical overtones thereof, Sharon and I felt compelled to share some thoughts in a new edition of P.I.D. Radio.

The whole “We Are One” concert smacked of spiritualism, as though the mere ascension of Barack Obama to the presidency will somehow by itself unite the world (while fixing the economy, sending our daughter to college, curing AIDS, and reversing global warming). Sadly, Pastor Rick Warren’s invocation at the inauguration echoed the ecumenical theme.

And what did Bruce Springsteen mean by:

Spirits above and behind me
Faces gone, black eyes burnin’ bright
May their precious blood forever bind me
Lord as I stand before your fiery light

Yeesh. That’s like something from a secret society initiation ritual.

Hear the rest and read the show notes at

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