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Fairly unbalanced

Megyn Kelly, co-host of America’s Newsroom on the Fox News Channel, must be fairly intelligent. She was a litigating attorney prior to joining Fox News five years ago.

But she doesn’t contribute to anyone’s understanding of the news when she tries to add personal observations to the news of the day, as she did this morning about the Hudson River plane crash, waxing loquacious on the uniquely special nature of 911 calls in New York City! “I don’t know, it’s something about the way New Yorkers relate the information that really brings it home. Am I wrong?”

Yes. Yes, you are.

Here’s some free advice from the heartland, sweetheart: just read the news. Don’t try to be a personality. You come off more like 18 than 38 when you do. Fluff, inconsequential. A lightweight whose only marketable skill is that you look like a model. You’ll have to fix that gravitas problem quick, because your looks will get you another five years, maybe, before someone who’s younger, prettier, and speaks just as well comes along.

One other tip: most of us here in Flyoverland are pretty sick of hearing how special and wonderful New Yorkers are. Look, there are about 19 million of them. There are 280 million of the rest of us, and my personal experience is that Americans are friendlier… almost anywhere else.

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