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Seven Things About Me You Probably Don’t Care About

Evo Terra, one of the driving forces behind the excellent, has tagged me in this meme, which makes me one of the next ripples on this particular idea pond.

So if you’ve got three minutes to spare, here goes.

  1. My desk at work is a lot neater than my desk at home. The desk at work is a tool that helps me write business for my employer. I have a laptop at home for writing, so the desk here is a place to hold my stuff.
  2. As a rule, I stay away from social media. It’s hard to get any writing done while carrying on a live chat. However, I was recently lured into Facebook, and I’ve reconnected with a few people I haven’t seen in over 20 years, so I can see some good there, too.
  3. I like painting. Not “still life on canvas” painting; painting rooms, trim, the deck, etc. It can be tedious, but there’s something satisfying and relaxing about a paint job well done.
  4. I have a psychological need to share my opinion with others. Not in an overbearing way, usually, but there are times I get into a friendly discussion and carry it beyond the limit of good manners. A good trait for a high school debate team captain; not so good when you’re talking politics with a prospective customer.
  5. I could live inside my head. Not really, but the tendency is there to shut out the world when I’m doing something I enjoy. I gave up computer games after wasting 16 straight hours on Civilization III a few years ago. Sharon and Nicole understandably didn’t appreciate being totally blocked out of my life for a day by a game.
  6. I love to read but rarely take the time. I’ve been working on a couple of writing projects, but I have to commit nine hours a day to the regular job. So evenings and weekends find me with the laptop instead of a paperback.
  7. I am deeply in love with my wife. The last 11 years have gone by in a flash, but it feels like we’ve known each other forever. It’s sad to see how many people in this world are locked into unhealthy, empty, or abusive relationships, and even sadder to see how relationships are portrayed in pop culture. How many happy couples do you see on TV anymore (outside of ads for male enhancement drugs)?

That’s it. Now I am required by the rules of engagement to tag seven other people:

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Done and done. Enjoy!

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