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Vikes? Yikes!

Well, Vox Day is a happy guy. His beloved Vikings won the NFC North, one game ahead of Da Bears, by virtue of a last-second win over the New York Giants while the Bears were losing to the mediocre Texans in Houston.

It’s just as well. No point in prolonging the agony.

The Bears weren’t going anywhere in the playoffs. Kyle Orton seems to be a nice kid, but he’s the 21st century analog of Steve Fuller, the Bears’ backup QB during the Super Bowl year in 1985 — unspectacular and doesn’t make too many mistakes, but he’ll never scare opponents the way Peyton Manning does.

Even at that, Orton plus Matt Forte might be enough to win if the defense, which has fallen off sharply since the Super Bowl two years ago, doesn’t give up 240 passing yards a game.

All in all, with little chance of advancing to the Super Bowl this year, I’d rather watch the Eagles clobber the Vikings instead of the Bears this weekend.

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