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Whale wars or animal-rights terrorists?

The group lionized by the Animal Planet series Whale Wars is in the news again:

An anti-whaling group says its members have thrown “stink” bombs at a Japanese whaling ship in the Antarctic. The Sea Shepherd group said crew on one of its boats lobbed 10 bottles of rotten butter and 15 bottles of a methyl cellulose at the Japanese ship.

I understand the desire to protect the lives of whales, I truly do. But it’s hard to root for these guys when the Sea Shepherd’s captain crows, “It looks like Whale Wars season #2 is officially underway.”

So is this about whales or ratings?

While Sea Shepherd captain Paul Watson and his crew are portrayed as heroes on Whale Wars, they come across as a bunch of disorganized, arrogant brats who risk lives to commit vandalism on the high seas. Management at Animal Planet needs to step back, think beyond the ratings for a minute and consider the impact of glorifying this type of behavior on a network that appeals to a lot of children.

Or maybe they have, and that’s the agenda. So will the next Animal Planet reality show follow the Animal Liberation Front as its members torch car dealerships and medical research labs?

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