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Curse this global warming!

Or is it climate change? Feels like winter to me:

Thousands of holiday travellers in the United States and Canada are struggling to make it to their destinations for as heavy snow brought travel chaos.

Some faced spending Christmas Day at Chicago airport as officials worked to restore service after hundreds of flights were cancelled on Tuesday. Rail services and highways have also been badly affected.

Large parts of western US have been affected, and meteorologists forecast more snow and storms to come.

Canada is expected to receive a coast-to-coast white Christmas for the first time in 37 years.

Yet radical environmentalists warned us less than a year ago that we were “losing winter”, and this was while China suffered through its worst winter in 100 years.

I understand that by the standards of 100 years ago, this is still a relatively warm winter. Heck, I remember winters in the late ’70s that were colder. But when the high priests of climate change remind us not to take this winter out of context and that global cooling really means the planet is warming, let’s take that in context with the global climate the days of Erik the Red a thousand years ago, when Greenland was actually green.

To the best of my knowledge, the Vikings did not drive SUVs.

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