Constitutional ‘crisis’

I became an independent the day I realized that so-called conservative pundits were defending George W. Bush for the same policies they had blasted during Bill Clinton’s term in office: entitlements, nation-building, and a federal government that stuck its nose into every phase of our lives.

The pendulum swings, and — borrowing a phrase from Airplane! — now the hand is on the other foot.

Chuck Baldwin, writing about Barack Obama’s status as a natural-born citizen, shows that he gets it:

Many conservatives seem to be obsessed with this controversy, calling it a “constitutional crisis.” The fact is, however, we have been in a “constitutional crisis” for years! The problem is, most conservatives only get worked up over a potential abridgement of constitutional government when it serves their partisan political purposes. In other words, when a Democrat appears guilty of constitutional conflict, conservatives “go ballistic,” but when Republicans are equally culpable of constitutional conflict, they yawn with utter indifference.
Like liberals, most conservatives are afflicted with a very debilitating disease that I call Selective Constitutionalism. They only want to apply constitutional government when it helps Republicans or hurts Democrats. Most of them really could not care less about adherence to the Constitution. If they did, they would have been up in arms for the last eight years as President George W. Bush repeatedly ignored–and even trampled–the U.S. Constitution.

Where were these “constitutional” conservatives when George W. Bush was assuming dictatorial-style powers and contravening Fourth Amendment prohibitions against warrantless searches and seizures? Where were they when Bush was ordering our emails, letters, and phone calls to be intercepted by federal police agencies without court oversight? Where were they when Bush was obliterating the Fifth and Eighth Amendments? Where were they when Bush overturned Posse Comitatus by Executive Order? Where were they when Bush dismantled the constitutional right of Habeas Corpus? Where were they when Bush lied to the American people about the invasion of Iraq and took the United States to war without a Declaration of War from Congress? Where were conservatives when Bush turned nine U.S. military installations over to the United Arab Emirates? Where were they when Bush ordered his Department of Transportation to open up America’s airlines to foreign ownership? Where were they when President Bush nullified (using “signing statements”) over 1,100 statutes he did not like? Where were they as President Bush and his fellow Republicans reauthorized one of the most egregiously unconstitutional pieces of legislation in modern memory: the USA Patriot Act? Where were they when Bush signed the blatantly unconstitutional McCain/Feingold Act? I could go on and on.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Republican Party has been just as culpable in violating constitutional government as the Democrat Party has–maybe more so! If the Republican and Democrat parties had any allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, neither John McCain nor Barack Obama would have been chosen as their respective Presidential nominees.

But they were, and what’s more, Democrats were just as silent as “conservatives” about the unconstitutional abuse of power by the Bush administration.

It’s time to face reality: the United States Constitution no longer limits the scope and power of the federal government. Maybe — looking back at events like the Alien and Sedition Acts and the Louisiana Purchase, for example — it never did.

As a patriot, there is a temptation to join Chuck Baldwin in righteous indignation. As a Christian, I have to step back, take a deep breath, and understand that while distressing, I should have expected this. Satan is, after all, “the prince of this world”, and it’s illogical to think that the United States are somehow under special protection from the Enemy’s corrosive influence. God has one chosen people, and it’s not the U.S.

We’re looking at the prophetic fulfillment of a drive to recreate the kingdom of Nimrod, a one-world government. The destruction of American sovereignty is necessary to achieve that goal. Again, it’s distressing because it’s the antichrist spirit at work, but it was foretold two thousand years ago.

Worried? Read the end of the Book. The good guys win. Choose a side, because there is no neutral ground.

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