Pro-gay marriage rallies: anyone notice?

Apparently today has been designated a national day of protest by homosexual activists in response to the passage of Proposition 8 in California.

Has anyone noticed?

It’s supposed to have started about an hour ago in all 50 states. Can’t say the media has picked up on it. I don’t see the story among the top headlines on any of the major news services.

Rage is at a near boil in the gay community, no doubt, but activists have chosen some curious targets for their backlash. As one observer noted, Mormons are being threatened because blacks voted “yes” on 8 (by a 70-30 margin).

Take that gay rage into the African-American neighborhoods of Los Angeles and see what happens.

If one assumes that eliminating real discrimination is the goal, the response of homosexuals over the vote in California–which is one of about 30 states to ban gay marriage–is irrational and extreme. By and large, there aren’t that many legal differences that accrue to a married couple that can’t be duplicated through contracts signed by consenting adults.

If one considers that the true goal of the protest is really about moral acceptance by the rest of us, well, then, it makes a lot more sense. The gay activists are angry because the vast majority of America says, “No–same-sex unions are not the same.”

Discrimination is wrong, but any five-year-old knows that boys and girls are different. Marriage is what it is, and calling something else “marriage” doesn’t make it so.

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