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Kenya looks to Obama for payback after silencing Corsi

Barack Obama’s cousin looks to cash in for his role in shutting down Jerome Corsi’s press conference in Nairobi:

[T]he Prime Minister [Raila Odinga] had personally helped to block a smear campaign planned by supporters of Mr Obama’s Republican rival, Senator John McCain.

The McCain camp’s plan was to portray Mr Obama as a candidate, “alien to the US and whose election would benefit Kenyans, and other foreigners, at the expense of Americans”.
Further attempts to tarnish Mr Obama’s image among the Americans backfired when contentious author Jerome Corsi was invited to leave Kenya, even as he tried to launch at book in Nairobi which was a sustained attack on the Democrat’s candidate.
In the event Mr Corsi was found to have entered Kenya posing as a tourist and without the permit needed to work as an author launching a book. He was therefore invited to leave or face deportation.

And now Mr. Odinga wants “is the expansion of relationships in terms of trade and direct investments. We want to see more of our products finding markets in the U.S. and expect more direct investments by the Americans in the country.”

Translated: “I helped you win, cousin Barack, and I expect payback.”

There are so many factual errors in the article, it’s laughable. For starters, McCain’s supporters have never portrayed Jerry Corsi as anything but a conspiracy nutball. Endorsing The Obama Nation would also lend credence to Corsi’s attacks on the Bush administration for selling out the sovereignty of the US, as he charges in The Late Great USA. That’s not going to happen.

Funny how Jerry was the toast of conservative media in 2004 for publishing Unfit for Command, the “swift boat” book, and now he’s persona non grata on Fox News.

Anyway, The Obama Nation had been released long before Corsi’s fact-finding trip to Kenya, so his armed escort to the Nairobi airport had nothing to do with a work permit. His deportation was a ham-handed effort to shut him up before the election.

Corsi’s research, published at WorldNetDaily, details the extensive contact between Odinga and Sen. Obama before and after the election in Kenya and the subsequent violence. At the very least, the contact was inappropriate, and at worst, Sen. Obama interfered in the election process of a foreign nation.

Newsworthy, but it was not going to be allowed in Kenya, where such a revelation might cost the country favorable treatment if Mr. Odinga’s cousin had lost the election.

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