Questions unasked

Barack Obama is setting fundraising records every month. While the money may well be coming from patriotic Americans who see him as the best available option to lead our nation for the next four years, the media has left some very interesting questions about Sen. Obama unasked.

For example:

  • It takes time and expertise to set up a campaign organization to receive, record, deposit, and report those donations to federal authorities. This is a logistical operation just a bit more complicated than putting a “donate” button linked to a PayPal account on your website. How did a senator with only one year in office assemble such a team?
  • Was Senator Obama really born in Hawaii? If so, may we please see an authentic birth certificate?
  • Why would a United States senator, especially one running for president, establish regular contact with and campaign for a political candidate in a foreign country (namely, Sen. Obama’s Kenyan cousin, Raila Odinga)? Did Sen. Obama know when he campaigned and raised money for Odinga that his cousin had cut a deal with Muslim leaders in Kenya to implement sharia law if elected? If not, does Sen. Obama withdraw his support now? Does Sen. Obama repudiate the violence by Odinga’s followers that left more than 1,000 people dead, most of them Christians?
  • Does Sen. Obama think it was proper for Michelle to call a Norway-based African news site to chew them out for reporting on Jerome Corsi’s trip to Kenya to investigate the senator’s links to Raila Odinga?
  • Does Sen. Obama think it was fair for the major media to investigate the credentials and tax records of Joe the Plumber more thoroughly than the senator’s links to Raila Odinga?
  • William Ayers: what did Senator Obama know, and when did he know it?
  • How can Sen. Obama give tax breaks to 95% of working families when only about 60% of working families pay federal income tax?
  • Bill Clinton caught hell for admitting to trying marijuana without inhaling (yeah, right); George W. Bush has been dogged by rumors (mostly in the foreign press) that perhaps his acknowledged problems with alcohol aren’t completely under control. Since Barack Obama admitted using “booze”, “pot”, and “a little blow” during his adolescent years, I’d like somebody to ask Senator Obama when he quit snorting cocaine and when his two daughters will be free to take recreational drugs like he did.

But those questions won’t be asked, not even by Fox News. And I’m obviously a racist for bringing them up.

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