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We’re living ‘1984’

We’ve entered some alternate reality in which words and phrases spoken by politicians mean the opposite of what they mean when uttered by mere mortals.

For example:

  • President Bush says we’re saving the free market — by nationalizing our mortgage, insurance, and banking industries. (The New York Times reports that the CEOs of America’s nine largest banks were told point-blank by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson that refusing public money was not an option.)
  • Barack Obama wants to encourage success by “sharing the wealth” of the successful (which our grandparents called “communism”), and he wants to give tax breaks to 95% of working families even though 40% of American workers pay no income tax.
  • John McCain wants to shrink government by creating a new government program to buy up all the country’s bad mortgages (on top of the trillion or so we just gave to bail out Wall Street).

What’s frightening is not the blatant doublespeak from men and women who will say anything to keep their jobs, it’s the lack of discernment and common sense from we, the people.

How is it we can even ask presidential candidates, as Bob Schieffer of CBS did tonight, how they will reduce American dependence of foreign oil? Where does the Constitution give the president the dictatorial power to make that kind of thing happen?

Maybe it’s in the same section that gives the Secretary of the Treasury the power to force private banks to take tax money they don’t want.

Well, until we force them to eat their words, they’ll continue to give us the kind of government we deserve — which, fellow Christian, God warned us would happen about some 3,000 years ago.

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