The VP debate

Sadly, it was more entertaining than the Cubs’ game is turning out to be. Dodgers are up 5-0 in the 3rd, thanks to two errors by the normally sure-handed Mark DeRosa and Derrek Lee.

Anyway, a few observations about the debate tonight: It came off as a debate between Republican and Democratic pundits on a cable news show, but without the shouting.

While I appreciate Sarah Palin’s gee-whiz sincerity, there are times she comes across like kids I faced in high school debates who brought prepared, scripted arguments to tournaments and used them, whether they applied to the topic or not. Sarah, we understand that you know about energy policy, but talking about oil when the question is about the Wall Street bailout didn’t score points with me.

Joe Biden is a smooth, solid professional politician who made his case well enough. He didn’t connect on a personal level as well as Palin, but on the other hand, he never appeared nervous, as she did whenever the topic moved out of her comfort zone.

Nuts — another Cub error.

All in all, the debate won’t sway anyone whose mind is already set, and neither candidate scored a knockout. And since both of them support the Wall Street bailout, capping carbon emissions (“cap and trade” — trading carbon offsets — was invented by Enron, you green dopes!), our continued military presence in Afghanistan, and possible future intervention in Sudan, I don’t see that either party’s presidential ticket offers much I can get excited about.

Sort of like the Cubs right now. Sigh.

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