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Newt savages the president

Bill O’Reilly is not usually on our TV viewing schedule. I only happened to flip to Fox News tonight because it appears that ESPN is blacking out the Cubs/Brewers game here in central Indiana.

Anyway, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich just finished a 30-second rant in which he basically described the performance of President Bush and his staff over the last two weeks as inexplicable, indefensible, and embarrassing.

Indeed. If Republicans still needed convincing that this president is not a true (i.e., small-government free market) conservative, his handling of the credit crisis is it. President Bush is not to blame for the financial meltdown, but asking Congress for $700 billion to be spent at the Treasury secretary’s discretion — with no oversight or review! — was a pathetic response, especially coming two weeks after Henry Paulson assured us that no further bailouts would occur.

Either Secretary Paulson is incompetent or he’s a liar, which in either case suggests he shouldn’t be trusted with $700 billion of our money.

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