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Obama’s big night

Watching Obama’s Big Speech: Why a set that looks like a pagan temple from ancient Greece?

Ending our dependence on Middle Eastern oil within ten years? Really? Without more domestic exploration?

Whoa — Sen. Obama will “safely harness” nuclear power, too. That didn’t get much of a response.

Renewable… biofuels… solar… blah blah blah. Just how is the president — any president — supposed to achieve these goals within the limits of his or her constitutional power?

There! “Responsibly” — he said it! You watch, our soldiers will be in Iraq a lot longer under President Obama than the cheering crowd at Invesco Field thinks. And if Joe Biden’s bluster about Russia is any indication, the Democrats have their own Dick Cheney in the making. Has anyone claimed credit for coining the term “neolib” yet?

At least Obama deserves credit for not trying to echo Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Whoop. Spoke too soon.

Well, the speech was a well-delivered bit of theater, as was most of the Democrats’ hoopla in Denver this week. But I repeat my observation from the other night, which was echoed by Ron Paul this morning on CNN: There’s no difference between Barack Obama and John McCain except for the time zones where they say our troops should deploy.

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