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The Russo-Georgian War ain’t over yet

Russia appears ready to separate a third province from Georgia:

Russia has massed a fleet of warships and marine forces opposite the Georgian semi-autonomous Black Sea region of Ajaria. Moscow is preparing to punish what it regards as Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili’s further provocations by occupying this coastal strip on Georgia’s southwestern border with Turkey.
The Russian Black Sea buildup is deployed opposite the Ajurian capital of Batumi, an important port for the shipment of oil from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Its oil refinery handles Caspian oil from Azerbaijan. […] Russia maintained a military base at Batumi which it agreed to close by November 2007.

DEBKA analysts figure that reclaiming the base further weakens the Georgian government and, perhaps more significantly from a prophetic standpoint, gains for Moscow a key Black Sea military base at Turkey’s back door.

Considering the presence of Israeli military advisers and hardware in Georgia when this thing blew open last Friday, I plan to reread Ezekiel 38 and 39 tonight.

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