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The anthrax patsy

Let me say this plainly: The official story that’s being spun about Dr. Bruce Ivins, the bioweapons researcher who apparently committed suicide rather than face indictment for the 2001 anthrax mail attacks, has more holes in it than the one created for Lee Harvey Oswald.

Sharon spent the better part of her day sifting through the information that’s available to the public:

A whirlwind of spin surrounds this story, with the eye of this storm centering on a woman named Jean Carol Duley, a counselor who may be the very same Jean Carol Duley still listed as a student at Hood College in July 2007. Is it likely the military (who runs Fort Detrick, where Ivins worked) would permit him to meet with any counselor who had only recently graduated? Nope, you can bet that persons with Ivins’ high clearance would never have been allowed to interact with civilians in a closed-door ‘therapy’ session.

During her meeting(s) with Ivins, Duley kept notes (or so we’re told — and of course all of this assumes she really did meet with Ivins and not a ’stand-in’). A copy of one such note has appeared at the online site, The Smoking Gun. This handwritten note can be viewed here, but the content is this (note that the content is transcribed verbatim from Duley’s handwritten note, complete with misspelling of her own professional title ‘theripist’:

Read the rest of Sharon’s piece, “The Curious Tale of Bruce Edwards Ivins”, by clicking here.

Let me just add this: You’ll forgive my skepticism, but we’re supposed to believe that the FBI, which tagged Steven Hatfill as the lone “person of interest” in this case for five long years, the same FBI that used the press to practically convict the late Richard Jewell of the Centennial Park bombing at the 1996 Summer Olympics, really and truly has it right this time.

Let’s hope so. Ivins is dead and can’t defend himself. And maybe he is responsible. But some of the stories being fed to the press, like “Anthrax mailing suspect obsessed with Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority”, make me roll my eyes. What? You mean Dr. Ivins was still homicidally pissed because some snotty college chicks wouldn’t give him the time of day forty years ago?

Great day in the morning! If the bioweapons researchers running our Level 4 BSL facilities chock full of deadly pathogens are really that unstable, then — to quote the incomparable Mogambo Guru — we’re freaking doomed!

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