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Julian Bleach as Davros
Julian Bleach as Davros

The season finale of Doctor Who aired on SciFi last night. Wow! We’d already watched the program on WhoTube — I mean, YouTube — but it was well worth seeing again.

Donna Noble has become our favorite companion, which is saying a lot. Sharon and I have watched Doctor Who since the Nixon administration. That’s seven doctors in all, from Jon Pertwee (#3) through Tom Baker (#4), Peter Davison (#5), Paul McGann (#8, but he was only around for the really bad movie), Christopher Eccleston (#9, who also appeared in Heroes as the HRG’s partner), and now David Tennant.

Neither of us were fans of Doctors 6 or 7, but the original series was winding down by the time Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy took on the role, so they can’t really be blamed.

Anyway, the two-part series finale brought together all of the principals from the Doctor Who spinoffs, Torchwood (an anagram for “Doctor Who”) and The Sarah Jane Adventures, as well as the Doctor’s most fearsome enemies, the Daleks and their creator, Davros. It was a rollicking good time that demonstrated again why the Doctor is — and American fans will probably accuse me of heresy for passing over Capt. James T. Kirk or Mr. Spock — the most enduring science fiction character in television history.

Julian Bleach, the actor who played Davros this time (the character debuted in 1975), was absolutely brilliant, the epitome of way over the top villainy. His line, “Detonate… the reality bomb!” was delivered with all the fervor of Adolf Hitler at his most apoplectic. Appropriate, since the character of Davros and the backstory of the Daleks drew heavily on the Nazis for inspiration.

That, and because the reality bomb was designed to destroy all of, well, reality.

It’s hard to see what advantage Davros saw in that, since — paraphrasing The Tick — reality is where he keeps all his stuff. Well, that was probably intentional, to show us just how mind-wrenchingly evil Davros truly is.

Of course, the Doctor saved the universe (again), and all is well — except for the Doctor, who was left alone as all his friends went home to celebrate with loved ones.

It was well written by Russell T. Davies in a fitting swan song for the series’ executive producer. Good news for fans: the next series is in the hands of Steven Moffat, who wrote the very best episodes of the last three seasons, including “Blink”, “The Girl in the Fireplace”, and the two-part “Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead”.

Moffat is such a highly-regarded writer that he had a three-picture deal to script the forthcoming Tintin trilogy for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. And Moffat broke the contract to take over as executive producer of Doctor Who.

Let that soak in: Broke a contract with The Spielberg to take over Doctor Who. Walked away from half a million pounds (about $1 million). For Doctor Who.

Series 5 will rock!

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