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Seeing John Ashcroft in a new light

Former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias offers a new explanation for the resignation of former Attorney General John Ashcroft:

The one really intriguing question I’ve had was from a book buyer a few months ago who asked whether I thought John Ashcroft had been pushed out or not after he refused to sign off on the warrantless wiretaps. That’s something that a journalist has never asked me.

The honest answer is, yes, that had Ashcroft done the wrong thing, the unconstitutional thing, and signed off on it, he’d probably still be the AG. But Ashcroft served honorably. He did the right thing, and he paid the price. He was asked to move on.

There are two key points in that statement by Iglesias. First, that John Ashcroft isn’t the evil man the liberal left portrayed him to be.

Second, and most important, is that journalists appear not to have noticed, and not to care.

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