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Bohemian Grove
What the heck is this about? Click for larger image.

The annual Bohemian Grove encampment enters its first full day today in Sonoma County, California. The gathering of the most powerful men in America runs through the 27th.

Tonight’s festivities include hookers the “Cremation of Care” ceremony, during which an effigy representing “dull care” is burned under a huge owl statue.

Past attendees include Presidents Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, Richard M. Nixon and both Bushes; former cabinet members Colin Powell, George Schultz and Henry Kissinger; and industrialists Stephen David Bechtel, Leonard Firestone and David Rockefeller.

Nixon, in typically blunt fashion, called it “the most faggy g-d thing you could ever imagine”.

Be that as it may, I’m more bothered by the occult nature of the ceremonies and by the unrestricted access of the powerful with our government officials. Like it or not, the “land of the free” has created a privileged class. And maybe that’s just human nature. The United States was, for a time, one of the only nations in history without a noble class entitled to rule. That appears to be going by the boards.

The fact that these powerful men are re-enacting human sacrifices in front of a giant stone owl only heightens the creepiness factor.

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