Save the planet, kids — die!

That’s the advice of a website published by the government-owned Australian Broadcasting Company, where you’ll find a quiz aimed at pre-teen children:

Planet Slayer

Kids are asked a number of questions to gauge the amount of CO2 they contribute to the environment. At the end of the quiz — get this — kids click a skull-and-crossbones icon to learn when they should die to avoid using up more than their fair share of the Earth’s resources!

Even if you believe mankind is responsible for climate change, what kind of sick mind thinks this is an appropriate way to engage a 9-year-old?

By the way, even with my fuel-efficient compact, short commute, small house, and tendency to buy clothes and furnishings at resale shops, Prof. Schpinkee says I should have died halfway through kindergarten.

Sorry, world. Take a check?

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