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Well, the basement’s leaking again

Yesterday afternoon, the weather prognosticators warned us of a chance of rain. A severe thunderstorm watch was issued and then dropped.

Sharon and I went out for a walk after dinner — which we cut short when the distant thunder quickly grew uncomfortably close.

Around 7:00pm, storms began popping up along a line from Dayton, Ohio to Topeka, Kansas. Central Indiana was doused with more than 4″ of rain, and spotters reported at least two tornadoes on the ground within 20 miles of us. Several people are reported missing in the village of Moscow, Indiana, where Rush County sheriff’s deputies are going door to door to check on residents.

As I write, many of our neighbors in Shelby County are without power and we’re getting dumped on by yet another heavy shower. A flood warning has been issued for the Big Blue River, which winds through the north side of town.

And this soggy state of affairs serves to illustrate the mass delusion afflicting the rabid climate changers.

If the weather professionals couldn’t see these storms coming six hours in advance, why are we supposed to believe that climatologists know with certainty what’s going to happen 50 years from now?

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