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Sorry, Charlie

Maybe that Darwinfish symbol evolutionists love is an Amazon molly:

After 70,000 years without reproductive sex, it seemed self evident that no ordinary fish should survive. But now, at last, a mathematical analysis by biological researchers has proved that the Amazon molly is confounding the laws of evolution.

The Amazon molly’s problem – or advantage – is that they are all female. Each fish has to interact with males of other species in order to reproduce. Yet although the sperm of the stranger male activates development of an embryo, none of the male’s DNA is passed on to the offspring and only the mother’s genes are inherited.

Theory predicts that it should be impossible for any species to survive in such circumstances. According to Muller’s Ratchet, a law devised by Hermann Joseph Muller, an American biologist, without the genetic reshuffling of sexual reproduction, an asexual population will accumulate mutations which over many generations should spell its doom.

The Amazon molly defies that analysis. After devising mathematical models which describe the evolutionary process, researchers at the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Edinburgh calculated that the fish, which has a life cycle of a year, should have died out 50,000 years ago.

This evidence isn’t likely to persuade evolutionists to rethink, but at the very least it’s nice to be reminded that they’re just as unshakable in their faith as fundamentalist Christians are supposed to be.

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