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M5.4 Midwest earthquake

Just after 5:30 Eastern time this morning, I was awakened by a low rumble and the rattling of our windows. It sounded as though a heavy helicopter was making a low pass over our neighborhood.

Turns out this was the cause:

Earthquake Details

Location38.520°N, 87.873°W
Depth5 km (3.1 miles) set by location program
  • 12 km (7 miles) E (90°) from West Salem, IL
  • 13 km (8 miles) NE (53°) from Bone Gap, IL
  • 14 km (9 miles) W (266°) from Allendale, IL
  • 36 km (22 miles) WSW (241°) from Vincennes, IN
  • 67 km (41 miles) NNW (335°) from Evansville, IN
  • 206 km (128 miles) E (93°) from St. Louis, MO

No damage here as far as I can tell, but Shelbyville is about 132 miles from the epicenter.

This may be something Californians are somewhat accustomed to, but I guarantee us Midwesterners can go a lifetime without feeling anything like this.

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