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Child abuse! Call the SWAT team!

APC raids FLDS

Apparently they take their polygamy very seriously in Texas. Our troops in Iraq might be able to use a piece of equipment like the one at right, pictured during the raid on the FLDS compound in Texas.

Look, I completely reject the theology of Warren Jeffs and his followers on a number of grounds. On the subject of marriage, Jesus makes it clear in Matthew 19 that it’s intended by God to be between one man and one woman.

That said, the state has no right to tear hundreds of children away from their parents at gunpoint because of an alleged case of child abuse:

After hours of lawyers popping up with similar objections and questions, a custody hearing for 416 children seized from a polygamist sect finally turned to whether they were abused: A child welfare worker said some women at the sect’s ranch may have had children when they were minors, some as young as 13.

And this makes the FLDS different than the rest of America how?

If this nation truly believes in equal treatment under the law, why didn’t the Texas Rangers raid Dallas area mosques back in January to prevent more teen Muslim girls from losing their lives in honor killings?

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