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Gay fascism

The state of New Mexico apparently believes it has the right to tell business owners which orders they must not refuse:

The state of New Mexico has ordered a family owned photography company to pay more than $6,600 for declining a demand to take pictures at a same-sex ceremony, and a lawyer who is working on an appeal says it is an example of how “non-discrimination” or “hate” laws can be weapons in the hands of homosexual activists.

Let’s get real: This case isn’t about ending discrimination, it’s about using government to promote a specific type of sexual behavior.

Disregarding the moral and theological issues for a moment, this intrusion of a state into a business transaction between two parties should send a chill down the spines of every small business owner in the country. How was the lesbian couple harmed? Were there no other photographers in the state willing to take their money? Would the state of New Mexico have forced, say, a “green” photographer to take a job from a logging firm? Can any business refuse an order for anything from anyone anymore?

But the bigger issue here is the true goal of this type of lawsuit. The refusal of a Christian photographer to shoot a lesbian commitment ceremony is not analogous to blacks being refused service at a lunch counter. Equating sexual orientation to skin color is an insult.

It’s unlikely that those who support the gay couple’s position would argue that the photographers should be forced by the state to take pictures for anyone and everyone who requests their services. What if the couple had been asked to shoot a wedding between a man and a pre-teen girl? Or a man and a horse?

Ah, you say, such unions are illegal in most states, and the photographer should be under no obligation to participate in those ceremonies. Indeed. But in New Mexico, marriages and civil unions between same-sex couples aren’t lawful, either. So again, why is the state interfering in this case?

Simple: The power of the state is being used by gay activists to hammer anyone who refuses to accept their preferred sexual behavior as normal. Period.

Our Canadian neighbors are becoming all too familiar with the fascist nature of human rights commissions, with citizens being penalized for perceived discrimination against everything from Islamic fundamentalism to smoking pot in public. With that in mind, this manifestation of gay fascism south of the border may be just another mile marker on the superhighway leading to the North American Union.

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