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Doomsday cult members emerge from Russian cave

Succumbing to a spirit of fear:

Fourteen members of a Russian doomsday cult have come out from the cave they were hiding in while waiting for the world to end, according to emergency officials in Moscow.

Spokesman Dmitry Yeskin said all are in decent condition. Melting snow caused part of the cave to collapse, and a number of cult members, including four young children, remain inside and could possibly be dead.

Thirty-five people took refuge in the cave in the Penza region, about 650 kilometres southeast of Moscow, in November, threatening to detonate 400 litres of gas canisters if authorities tried to remove them. The cave dwellers, members of a group calling itself the True Russian Orthodox Church, said they were waiting for the end of world, which they believed would come sometime in May.

Jesus told us that no one but God knows the day or hour of the end. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.

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