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At the risk of sounding closed-minded: Ewww

The headline pretty much says it all: Transgendered man 5 months pregnant, he says.

A transgendered Oregon man says he is five months pregnant and expecting a baby girl.

Thomas Beatie told The Advocate, a magazine devoted to gay, bisexual and transgendered issues, that he made the choice because his wife can’t have children. Beatie, who writes he is “legally male and legally married,” said his wife Nancy had a hysterectomy because of severe endometriosis.

Sterilization is not a requirement for gender reassignment, allowing him to keep his female reproductive organs, he said. Beatie did have breast reduction surgery and testosterone therapy, but stopped taking the hormone after deciding to become pregnant.

Add a trip to the sperm bank, in-home fertilization, and presto!

I guess this shouldn’t surprise. We’re being conditioned to believe that sexuality and gender — and who knows, maybe even species, someday — are matters of choice. Bring on the manimals and invertebroads.

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