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The sellout of American sovereignty

While we fixated this week on Hillary/Obama and Eliot Spitzer’s high-priced hooker, the Bush administration brainstormed the foundation of a new transatlantic government.

WorldNetDaily’s Jerome Corsi, author of The Late Great USA and Unfit For Command (the “swift boat” book), reports on a very low-profile meeting Monday at the offices of the U.S. State Department:

The meeting agenda included topics reviewing the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, or SPP, and the U.S.-EU Transatlantic Economic Council, or TEC.

The SPP, declared by the U.S., Canada and Mexico at a summit meeting in 2005, has 20 trilateral bureaucratic working groups that seek to “integrate and harmonize” administrative rules and regulations on a continental basis.

Several participants said the premise of the SPP is to create a North American business platform to benefit North America-based multi-national companies the way the European Union benefits its own.

Others noted the premise of the TEC is to create a convergence of administrative rules and regulations between Europe and North America, anticipating the creation of a “Transatlantic Economic Union” between the European Union and North America.

This is unconstitutional.

Why? Because a “convergence of administrative rules and regulations” is a clever euphemism for what used to be called a “treaty”, which requires the consent of the United States Senate. And so far, the Bush administration has forged ahead with the SPP — and now the TEC — without bothering to consult Congress. Instead, it’s guided by “corporate officers from General Electric, Exxon Mobil, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Archer Daniels Midland, United Parcel Service, Citibank, Proctor & Gamble, Hunt Oil, CMS Energy, Boeing, 3M, Goldman Sachs and Cargill”.

By the way, Monday’s meeting was held under “Chatham House rules”, which means that reporters were allowed only if they agreed not to attribute quotes to any of the attendees.

Sharon and I will talk with Dr. Corsi about the meeting and the North American Union this weekend on our podcast, P.I.D. Radio. You can hear our last interview with him, recorded Feb. 10, by clicking the player below.

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