Point taken

I disagree with his premise, but Glenn Greenwald has a point:

Governors who hire adult prostitutes must resign immediately lest the public trust be forever sullied. Presidents who break the law by spying on Americans with no warrants, who torture people in violation of multiple treaties and statutes, who start hideously destructive wars based on false pretenses, who repeatedly proclaim the power to ignore laws, and who imprison people — including Americans — with no charges of any kind, should remain in office for as long as they want. Anyone who suggests otherwise is an irresponsible, shrill, partisan radical.

“Prostitution is a victimless crime”, cries the parade of progressives on the cable news shows. I’d ask Mrs. Spitzer and her children whether they feel like victims of something, and then we, collectively, need to ask whether the preservation of the family unit is worth protecting.

But Greenwald has a point: It appears that one has to become president before breaking the law with impunity.

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